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Q-CODE bF and memory sticks are not detected

First of all thank you for advice and reading this,i know there is really lot of people with the same problem but i can not find a post that same problem.(sorry for my english):(Specs : Case: phanteks enthoo primoMob: R5E/U3.1( but i dont use add-on ...

Suwarb by Level 7
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Magic Smoke Released :-(

RIP my Asus Rampage V Extreme (I think). I came home from work today to the lovely and unmistakable smell of magic smoke. I can't locate the actual source of it inside the PC as of yet, but the entire office stinks of it. I've already pulled the p...

jasonvp by Level 7
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Lamptron Fan Controller

I have Lamptron's FC5v3 controller, but I can't find whether I can run 2 fans with a splitter cable off one channel. Tried emailing support with no success. Anyone know? Thanks.

Hopper64 by Level 14
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What software do I need? Other pointers?

I am building a new system based on the Rampage V Extreme, as listed in the system specs, and I was curious to learn from people that have been running this board for awhile. I am just getting ready to actually fire this new system up and install a...

sli trouble

Hi everyone, i am having a problem that my second gtx980 in device manager shows code 43 (Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems).All the psu cables are connected, bios is 1902. In bios i can see the two cards running x16 an...

asus__ by Level 7
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Is my R5E dead??

Had a strange issue happen. CPU hit thermal limit and pc shut down. Bios said CPU Fan error. Replaced the fan and mobo posted to bios.. temps looked fine. Booted to safe mode to check drivers ect with no issue. Upon reboot it wouldn't boot i...

jdpg265 by Level 7
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Flickering led light by SATA6G_12 on RAMPAGE V EXTREME U3.1

I'll try to give some background on how I've come to this point. I have a brand new PC, just 2 weeks old.Specs:Aventum III PCASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME 3.1i7 5960x @ 4.62GHz32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 3000 @ 2,748 MHz980Ti Asus Strix w/core @ 1,...

Rampage V Extreme/AURA Edition wish list?

With Intel's Broadwell-E rumored to have 10 cores and be compatible with the x 99 chip set, it makes sense that Asus may be working on a Black(AURA?) Edition of the Rampage V. So I thought I'd put together a wish list and hope that someone on the te...

55356 55357 55361 55362

Probe II Sense Driver, what does it do?

title says it all. what excatly does it? on the downloadpage is just a driver, no software, does it improve sensor readings somehow?

Minsekt by Level 7
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g skill and xmp settings halved total available memory

I have the kit F4-3000C15Q-16GRR from gskill.I installed the 4x4 sticks and in the bios used the xmp profile. (why not, that's what its for)Oc 5930k to 4.5.Thinking all is good ,boot up fine.Everything seems good but i get the usb 3 drive bootup prob...

snafup by Level 7
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