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RVE10 - Sound problems, SupremeFX Hi-Fi not functioning

Hello everyone. Overall I've been very happy with Asus ROG's high end products so when I went to purchase the Rampage V Edition 10 X99 motherboard, I was very happy to see the inclusion of the audio features. The idea that the baseline sound ch...


RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1 No instala Windows 10

Buenos dias . tengo un problema con mi RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1, cuando intento instalar windows 10 tengo problemas, lo soluciono quitando el boot secure y el csm pero si no me da error al instalar no me deja instalar los drivers de ningun dispositivo ...

Rampage v extreme - new bios 3801

I found new bios 3801 for R5E on the ASUS web site.The release date was 01 Dec 2017. It seems that the change log was almost same but They must have fixed several issues.1. Change log (from ASUS web site) - Improved DRAM stability - Fix Logitech ...

Asus rampage v extreme edition 10, not posting, showing error "00"

Hi,My system has been running beautifully until last week, tried to turn on, did not progress POST, got a short burst of fans etc, then shuts off, turns back on, QCODE 00, no beeps, BIOS is able to swap between the two chips.I'm a full time carer of ...

Getting slow PCIe 2.0 speed when using the black PCIe slot (Rampage 5 Extreme)

Hi everyone. I fitted a PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD in to the only black PCIe slot on the Rampage V Extreme (3rd slot down) and the SSD speeds are WAY lower than they should be. So i looked at Crystal Disk Info, which said the slot is running in PCIe 2.0 x4 mo...

Beany by Level 7
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Rampage V edition 10 display 00

Hello,I have a computer I build few years ago.Everything was fine until today.I used it few hours, turned it off normally and when I wanted to turn it on again, nothing. The motherboard displays 00.As I understood it means the CPU is dead, but I can...

icounil by Level 7
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00 Post error only on bios 1

Hi,BIOS 2 posts fine with various versions, just updated to 4101 with no problemsBIOS 1 powers on but shows 00 error and restarts. I've tried updating it through USB key flashback - this looks like it's working... blinks and reads the usb as normal...

Freeze in Windows. what's wrong???

Hi, I have issue with my PC. Somtimes while POST it stuck on code q95, and no logo appears. I have to restart it, and when booting Windows sucsessfully it will work for a minute or two and then just freeze. Code shows AA. but it still freezed. I tri...

Egost by Level 7
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should I enable XMP on Asus Rampage V Extreme with Xeon

Currently my 2666MHz RAM works at 1866MHz probably cuz of CPU limitation ,Xeon E5-2640 V3.I set target DRAM frequency to 2666MHz which is default by memory modules of Corsair but then MB didn't want to post.So I had to remove CMOS battery as adviced ...

Microcode 38 for Broadwell-E

There's a new microcode revision out for 064F01 revision CPU's (Broadwell-E 6950X etc.), which is now version 38. Been out since September. I've baked a version of the R5E10 1903 BIOS with it in, for those who want to use it, and attached it here. Wo...

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