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Computer acting weird after windows upate

hello fellow Rampage V extreme users, so this is how my delema went the other day,.....I went to shut down my Pc the other night and I got this message do nut shut down windows its updating message. so I waited and just left it to do its thing, then ...

mwe3302 by Level 9
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RVE keeps changing the 1st priority boot drive on its own

Every time I restart my computer it keeps switching my boot drive from my SSD to one of my storage drives. When I go into the BIOS to change it (under Hard Drive BBS Priorities) so that my SSD is the 1st priority it only works temporarily. It changes...

Aelius by Level 7
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Gskill value ddr4 6 sticks of ram : Bd error

i have a rampage v extreme / 5930k just installed a new value sticks of g skill 8gb rams , i had 6 getting 2 more , all sticks were registered and i went in to te bios and enabled xmp , after enabling xmp it would linger on at BD code and i had to re...

Question on UEFI EZ Tuning

What does the "EZ System Tuning" actually do when set to ASUS Optimal? I have 2400mhz ram and 5930k. I don't overclock since i didn't want to with this build, but was only curious what this auto overclocking actually changes and by how much of an inc...

Intel Managment Engine (Code10)

Hi,i was on windows 8.1 and everything worked nice but after upgrading to windows 10 my boot time increased drastically and I think it got something to do with a failure in my device manager -> Intel management Engine (Code 10). I cant get rid of tha...

Ocelot by Level 7
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Bios chip/slot broken ?

HiI have a problem with my RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1 MotherboardA few weeks ago i want to start my pc.. i got error code 00, I restarted the bios by unpplug the power cable and the battery, i've waited about 2 min, then i plugged all in and started, fin...

Rooob3 by Level 7
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UEFI Bios 1902

HelloNew bios is availableRAMPAGE V EXTREME BIOS 1902 Improve system stability

tistou77 by Level 13
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Apc xs 1500 ups

I bought this UPS to replace one that was over 5 years old. Bought it in October, 2015. Just turned on my PC yesterday as usual when the thing began its alarm. The LCD had the bad battery icon flashing. ? It's just a few months old. Ran a few tests o...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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When does a new BIOS firmware come out?

Hi guys! I think it's time for a new update soon, i can smell it in the ''Asus'' air :P. and i think it will be a 2.0 firmware , atleast i hope!when do you guys think it will come? and what changes would you expect/want from a step from 0503 to ''hop...