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need help with ram speed (ddr4-3300)

Hey everyone,So I'm pretty new to building pc's and just got this rig complete. Everything is running stable except for the ram timings. I noticed that there was no XMP profile for 3300 ram, anyone know why?My ram:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...

Rampage V strange problem with bsod and freezes

Hello guys,I have a problem with my Rampage V. All started by random freezing inside windows. At first I thought that my overclocking wasn't stable enough and started raising the cpu voltage by small steps but this didnt fixed it. Then I reset bios a...

sazistas by Level 7
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XMP Crashes 2 Games but Passes Stress Test

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this. If I enable xmp (ram is rated 3000mghz kingston hyper-x). Both The Division * Hitman (2016) will crash after a few minutes. Hower passes both superpi & memtest. This occurs even at milder overclocks such a...

LuxMark-x64.exe has stopped working

Is this normal "LuxMark-x64.exe has stopped working" i even get it on stock speeds , i did notice also a display driver stopped responding and has recoveredI have tested the overclock for 2 hours and passed even though i am still getting the Luxmar...


Is PSU too weak for my build? 5960X w/ 4x8GB 3200 and 1000W

Build was completed in Dec 15 and worked flawlessly. System designed for overclocking obviously but has only been rarely pushed using the external OC controller but generally running on default optimized bios settings.About a week ago, it started sh...

CaneHorn by Level 7
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Hard drives.. how many before controllers are needed?

Hello Gentsso todays question is....How many Hard drives can i plug into RVE. Before i have to start adding Controllers?If I'm reading this correctly, I can have. 8 normal hhd, 2 sata express drives and one m.2? 11 drive maxOR 12 sata hdd by stealing...

Underclocking on rampage v extreme?

I'm trying to burn in Indigo xtreme. The only issue is running my 5960x at stock speeds causes the chip to heat up prior to being able to properly perform the burn in process. So, I need to drop 500 mhz off the stock speed. I tried doing this by lowe...

Cpu overvoltage error

Hey,I'm asking this because i saw that question in another thread and i think it could benefit him/community to know the answer. He rebooted (after modifying settings in bios) and got that error. Cpu voltage was at 1.7v. Question is :Does the board R...

RAID support (number of drives)

Hello all,I have a Rampage V Extreme/u3.1 motherboard and for some reason I can't configure more than 4 drives in a RAID array(s). Ultimately my goal is to have 3 separate RAID0 arrays, each consisting of 2 drives, but I cannot configure more than 2 ...

Cinder by Level 7
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Slower internet download speeds

Hello folks,I noticed that my download speeds are slower by circa 5Mbps on average from other PCs in my house. Even computers connected through WiFi get higher speeds. I have 20/1 Mbps connection (can't get anything better in here sadly) and while "n...

_h___ by Level 7
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