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How to control Fan speed from BIOS for Rampage V Extreme

Hello,I've attached two Noctua NH-A14 140mm fans on Corsair H110i GT and two same fans on the intake. All fans are PWM. I would like to run all these fans under 1500 RPM. Please guide me on how I can do this on my Asus Rampage V Extreme. I'll be than...

Rampage V Extreme freezing after saving and exiting bios.

CPU: 5960xBios: 2001The 2001 bios freezes after exiting the bios menus. All that's left on the screen is a frozen underscore cursor.This was happening on a previous board, so thinking the board was damage I bought a new one while going through the rm...

Profile loading problem

HelloI save a Profile (bios 2001) to a USB key, every time I want to "loaded" the file (I indicate the file .cmo) and I click Yes, and the bios freezesI tested with 2 key USB2 and the same thing, I had no worries beforeSomeone has an idea ?Thanks

tistou77 by Level 13
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Memory QVL - do you have to follow it? A2/B2 post issues.

Hey all, I'm at witts end. I've replaced my SSD, CPU, GPU, mobo (twice), sata cables and I'm still fighting a2/b2 post issues. I honestly can't figure out what to do at this point, except try new memory. I currently have 64gb of gskill F4-2800C16Q-32...

Regular startup problems: "B1" Post code after hibernate

I seem to have regular issues when booting up after hibernate: post gets stuck at "B1". Sometimes I also get the message that" BIOS is updating, don't turn off your PC". This message stays on forever, making a reset necessary.I've had these problems ...

dirray by Level 7
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Unable to boot, A2/B2 codes - mobo replaced

Hey all,Well, to say the least, I'm at a loss.I was fighting A2/B2 codes for a couple days. Called Asus, they sent me a new mobo. Just hooked it up, same thing. One of two scenario's plays out:1) No display, B2 code2) Bios splash, F2/DEL does nothing...


This is admittedly with my other PC, a M6E. Just wanted you guys to look at this bluescreenview report and see what you think. It's the driver from Samsung SSD? I do have a 840 pro in that machine. Thanks.Dump File : 042316-5062-01.dmpCrash T...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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Anyone know how to fix this??

Hello all, just want to know if anyone knows how to fix this Warning i keep getting in windows Event Viewer. Kernel-PnP (219)The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ACPI\PNP0A0A\2&daba3ff&1.andThe driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to loa...

UEFI Bios 3008 beta

HelloNews bios is available for Rampage V Extreme RAMPAGE V EXTREME Beta BIOS 3008Support the latest Intel® Core™ i7 X-Series processorshttp://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA2011/Rampage_V_Extreme/RAMPAGE-V-EXTREME-ASUS-3008.zip

tistou77 by Level 13
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