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3Dmark score Fire streak Extreme down after reboot latest Nvidia driver

Dear Fellows...Any thougts re weird issue..?After installing latest nvidia driver-- score 3dmark Firestrike extreme abt 20,000 ..exellent!After reboot pc score down to abt 15.000 .. brrrYes, I activated sli.mode 4 x GTX 980Pc runs fine, no further ch...


HelloMy board tonight after reboot not Boot ! Qcode display Number ''61'' I read the manual and write'' NVRAM initialization'' i try anything CMOS , SAFE BOOT etc nothing at all!!Somebody has any idea?Thanx

Koutport by Level 7
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X-99 Pro board - 10 sec pause before POST

Hi All,I have built many workstations using Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI over 15 years. Until now, I have never seen a mobo that takes 10 to 15 seconds from hitting the power button to seeing the first word of POST screen along a beep.This X99 board is ta...

Missing DIMMs, Updating BIOS, and the Destruction of RAID0

Hello everyone,I've been a long-time Rampage_Extreme fan since my R2E purchase back in 2009. My R2E was rock solid and ran a 60% overclock for 6+ years. So naturally, I would go with its successor when it came time to build a new PC in 2015. I bec...

Flyprdu by Level 7
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Xeon E5 2698 V4

Anyone know if this cpu is working with our Rampage V with the latest bios? Its already working with a bios update on other X99 mainboards like Asrock X99E-ITX/AC or Gigabyte x99-UD4....

Rampage V Extreme Crash and Idles on Boot, No Post

So I've had my computer for a little over a year now, overclocked 5820k to 4.2Ghz but I reverted back to the original speeds, and everything was running fine. No crashes, no problems. But suddenly just last week, my system has been randomly crashing ...

Teebuddy by Level 7
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Can i use an NVMe M.2 drive on this board?

Hi there guys was thinking of upgrading an 850 evo to a M.2 PCIe NVMe.I am running Bios 1701.I am also running Windows 10.The M.2 stick is 22x80.I remember someone was having problems when the board first released but can't remember or find the post....

Goucho by Level 8
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I cant download drivers etc .

I have problem to download from the site Asus everything from support ...and the ROG.asus site dont has the Rampage V extreme to download something you need?Why ASUS??

5960x 4.5 GHz over heating

Hello All, I am new to this forum. I am having some issues with high idle and load temps on a 5960xMy rig specs are:CPU : 5960x - 4.5 GHzVCore : 1.90vVIN : 1.850vRAM: 64G(4x16) CORSAIR 3200 MHz(running stable at 3000 MHz)DRAM Voltage (CHAB, CHCD) ...

KOGE19 by Level 8
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r5e video card issue

hey guys anyone having issues with a evga gtx980 ti hybrid no display from display port on a r5e it gets in windows 10 no way in bios or i ever see the rog screen have to use hdmii tried my old evga gtx980 sc works wellthanks

EaglePC by Level 10
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