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Secure booting with self signed key, and CSM turned off.

I followed the Secure Boot guidelines here for the RVE. The guidelines worked nearly perfectly. The only problem I ran into is not being able to boot without the Compatibility Support Module turned on. I'm guessing I need to place a key on my ssd, or...

Is it possible to clone copy my C drive then put it on another drive?

Hey guys i know this is a more general question than a mobo question but hey we all run similar systems so might get more specific help here Basically i am getting a new C drive. I have room on a secondary drive to hold a clone/copy of my present C d...

Goucho by Level 8
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Sata express ssd

Hello there , I want to ask if somebody use the sata express on Rampage V and if there is any big speed difference from sata3.Thanx

broadwell-E :6950x = $1,723

http://videocardz.com/60515/dont-click10C/20T 6950X = $1,723 8C/16T 6900K = $1,089 6C/12T 6850K = $617 6C/12T 6800K = $434 (28 PCI-E)

csbin by Level 7
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OC Socket and Broadwell-E

HelloI saw on the OC.net that OC Socket would not work with Broadwell-E (but not sure why), someone will have more information ?Thanks

tistou77 by Level 13
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LONG Boot, Windows boot. 80.8 Sec!

Hello.I got my Asus Rampage V eXTREME And a 6900kNow I tried to install windows 10 6 times now. and is so slow boot....is 2x Kingston HyberX 120GB in raid, "I tried install windows on a single 1x Hyberx too, just as slow"They worked perfekt on my bac...

Is Adaptive Mode properly implemented when overclocking with Asus X99 series?

Full disclosure, I have a MSI X99 series motherboard and it very much looks like Adaptive Mode does not work when the CPU is overclocked. At least it didn't work with my board, and I can't get any answers from MSI concerning this issue.This is a dea...

pam007 by Level 7
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Strange random no post

Guys and Gals i come here for some help with a very strange post issue. I had this problem for about 4 months now.The problem is during the post sequence i get a error code of b1 or it could be 61. Then if i press the reset button instantly it stops ...

Intel 750 vs Samsung 950

Any opinions as to which drive is preferred? Both seem to be well matched in terms of performance.

Hopper64 by Level 15
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After Update from 1902 to 3101 big Problems - BIOS dead?

Hello,i tried to update my BIOS from 1902 to 3101 and after that, i couldn't geht in the BIOS anymore. The Display remained dark till the Windows Login-Screen. The Boot-Time was very long. Nothing helped, also flashback to the old version didn't reso...

bernisv by Level 7
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