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Driver Updates.?

I was wondering since the Asus site for the Rampage V Extreme are mostly out of date..is there any uptodate drivers available?I'm running windows 8.1 pro 64bit

IPDT - PCH and PCH Enum Tests Unsupported

Maybe someone know why these two tests are Unsupported in Intel Processor Diagnostic Utility.You see all tests pass but these two are Unsupported.I ask and Intel but still no response from them, maybe someone here is familiar with that.

Vlada011 by Level 10
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NEW advanced RMA charges?

I'm pulling this post for now as new "developments" have come up.We'll see what comes of it.

sound card,

I know this been asked loads of times, but is it worth a sound card as the Rampage V options using just optics are poor. my old computer using creative SoundBlaster x fi I was able to change effects through optic on one control panel, since win10 th...

Problem with 32Gb ram

Hello , When I enable in BIOS the XMP the 32GB ram on 3200mhz change the capacity on 16 GB ! I run CMOS , i updated the bios on 3101 (i had 1701) but nothing change.Any ideas please ?Thanx

First Overclock test, 5930k & dark rock pro 3

Ive heard so much about the dark rock pro 3 but i have mixed feelings regarding my overclock.Everything in the rampage bios is set to default. The only things i changed are: memory set to 2666 (corsair LPX 3000, i accidently bought 2x 16GB kits, got ...

Marked by Level 7
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What to do when there are no X99 Extreme boards for RMA?

Greetings Asus and to the community.Since March I have been having issues with my Asus x99 Rampage Extreme board. Having talked with technical support, we have confirmed that the board should be replaced via the RMA process.The problem is that since...

I might be an idiot.. Need more USB 2.0 headers!

Hey fellow users of the Rampage V Extreme!I desperately want to make use of the OC Panel, Light up my Case with my NZXT Hue+ and make use of corsair Link! The problem i have is that i can only use the OC Panel, and none of the other two, or only the ...

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Positive RVE Stories

It is typical to see the problems with any product on the forums - people are unhappy and looking for help, so the negative stories are easy to find. So how many RVE owners have positive stories of RVE ownership?I'll go first - the RVE is my 4th ROG...

red454 by Level 11
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