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Missing network controller under other devices in device manager

Just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10, because i bought a new m.2 drive. Went through the list of drivers from the asus webpage and installed everything including bios. tried to install the LAN drivers a couple times. Tried to install it throu...

jholt by Level 7
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Help with BIOS error

So i flashed my bios on wednesday from 2101 to 3101 The problem i have is once pc is shutdown and powered off at the wall. When i turn it back on it goes to dos screen and says Bios is updatingdo not shutdown or reset the system to prevent system bo...

Missing DIMM Channel C -- The Return

Hello ROG Forum!I am sad to report that 4GB of my 16GB has gone missing again. I assume that it's from channel C. I am asking for the forum's advice on how to proceed. I'm running an RVE on 1901 and have 4 sticks of Dominator Platinum 3000 at 1.38...

Flyprdu by Level 7
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Even the box looks great

R5E10 page with the box; looking forward to this:http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-RAMPAGE-V-EDITION-10/

Hopper64 by Level 15
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5820k and M.2 SM951 x4

Sorry if this is a partial repeat question, I couldnt seem to find a direct answer and am finding some contradictory information.I just bought a 5820k and ordered the NVHe version of the M.2 x4 Samsung SM951 512gb. I'm using this with a k4200 quadro ...

Driver Updates.?

I was wondering since the Asus site for the Rampage V Extreme are mostly out of date..is there any uptodate drivers available?I'm running windows 8.1 pro 64bit

IPDT - PCH and PCH Enum Tests Unsupported

Maybe someone know why these two tests are Unsupported in Intel Processor Diagnostic Utility.You see all tests pass but these two are Unsupported.I ask and Intel but still no response from them, maybe someone here is familiar with that.

Vlada011 by Level 10
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NEW advanced RMA charges?

I'm pulling this post for now as new "developments" have come up.We'll see what comes of it.

sound card,

I know this been asked loads of times, but is it worth a sound card as the Rampage V options using just optics are poor. my old computer using creative SoundBlaster x fi I was able to change effects through optic on one control panel, since win10 th...

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