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X99 Delux II Slow boot. same was with the X99 Rampage V.

First I had a Rampage V Extreme, wich was pretty bad, 2 mins loading screen, showing the Circle at windows loading for around 30 Sek.Is 2x Kingston in Raid 0, I TRIED install on a single ssd, no help. same bootup. tried set all to fast boot in bios....

Done with ASUS

Well my 2nd R5E has just chit the bed. My first one died after 8 months. After waiting 2 week for the replacement RMA board to be sent, I purchased a new board from Newegg. Eventually Asus sent me the board which I sold on Ebay. Now that second bo...

jdpg265 by Level 7
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6950x vs 5960x first impressions on RVE (overclocked)

I had the opportunity to compare, all else being equal, my 5960x and a 6950x this weekend on my RVE.EDIT1: Updated some numbers after a little more tuning.EDIT2: Update with new info on DDR4 (128G working again)EDIT3: Update with new info on DDR4 2T ...

cekim by Level 11
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New BIOS 3101

New Bios is up. anyone tested it yet? Its under windows 7 downloads. https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/RAMPAGE_V_EXTREMEU31/HelpDesk_Download/

new GPU installed now error code

Got back from work today and turned my computer off to install a new geforce 1080. After taking out my two old MSI cards i installed the new 1080 and switched on. Bare in mind that it's been running fine for months . Now when the comp turned back on ...

TheAlkie by Level 7
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BIOS confusion BIOS 1 or 2 ? what is active now ?

Hello Friends,After i read here something changed with the BIOS 3101 for some People , and i got some Windows 10 updates i try to update my BIOS again to 3101 , my BIS 2101 works fine so i belived to switch to BIOS 2 , there are some little LEDs what...

Nonny by Level 10
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GTX 1080 Founders Edition

Just a quick question as no one seems to be adding to my last post. Has the GTX 1080 Founders Edition been tested on the Rampage V Extreme 3.1 ? .. .

TheAlkie by Level 7
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Missing network controller under other devices in device manager

Just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10, because i bought a new m.2 drive. Went through the list of drivers from the asus webpage and installed everything including bios. tried to install the LAN drivers a couple times. Tried to install it throu...

jholt by Level 7
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Help with BIOS error

So i flashed my bios on wednesday from 2101 to 3101 The problem i have is once pc is shutdown and powered off at the wall. When i turn it back on it goes to dos screen and says Bios is updatingdo not shutdown or reset the system to prevent system bo...

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