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Intel(R) C610 series/X99 chipset USB Enhanced Host Controller

I'm trying to figure out some USB compatibility issues. My headphones have started to act strange and are not detecting when plugged in via powered hub. They work fine plugged in directly and other devices on the hub have been successfully detected....

How many fans per header?

I'm putting together a build with this X99 board, and I'm trying to figure out a clean way to connect the fans.I have 6 fans (push/pull on a 360 radiator) in the front, and 4 (push/pull on a 240 radiator in the rear). I'd like these fans to operate ...

Bandalo by Level 7
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R5E10 Unknown Cable on MOBO - Never Connected

R5E10 Unknown Cable on MOBOI have a 5 female cable that is disconnected from Male pins on the MOBO. I don't think it was ever connected. The cable wires are Black, Lt Orange, Green, White, and Orange. It is located at bottom left of the Dimm A1 memor...

Bios 1 Dimm B1&B2 Bad, Bios 2 All Dimms good

>>Bios 1 Dimm B1&B2 Bad, Bios 2 All Dimms good<<Asus Rampage V Edition 10 (New Install of the computer)Why would this happen? I would think they would show the same thing in the BIOS EzMode. Yet the Dram status shows to different results. I try switc...

Asus Rampage V extreme wifi and ethernet now working

My computer gave a blue screen a couple of weeks ago. When I restarted it, the mouse and the keyboard were not working properly when booted into Windows. I looked it up in forums and changed the "xHCI" setting to disabled from the bios (according to ...

Friends, I need NVME advice

Hello! I have R5E, 4xHDD, 4xSSD and now I would like to install A DATA XPG SX8200 Pro PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280. Manual says that only pcie slot will be "blocked" and not sata drives. So, will this new A DATA work on such an old MB and will it block any o...

ROG Strix x99 shuts down immediately on power

So I have a 3 years Asus strix x99 board. Been running solid since I got it. Turned off on it's own and when I powered on again, It powers for maybe 1 second or less and shuts back off no beeps. LEDs are on. At most you might see see codes 00, 14...

Rampage V Edition 10 - Video Card question

Rampage V Edition 10 - Video Card (Strix Director II) GTX 980Is there any Bios changes to make? How would I set the SLI/CFX on the motherboard? I have 3 monitors connected to the card. I'm only using the PCIX16/X8_1 slot. No other PCI slots are being...

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