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RMA time

Been trying to stabilize this new memory. Just tried the XMP profile. Hardware in my spec list. I kept getting blue screens in mem test. I had 20 instances going per 10 cores. It crashed to a blue screen two or three times. Figured I need to manually...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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X99DX2 w/ Xeon e5 V4

hello everyone, Today finally got setup my new and last X99 motherboard, this new Deluxe II motherboard have proof compatibility and good performance as well w/ my Xeon. The preview Deluxe board didn't have the performance as the Deluxe II. But one t...

Is the OC Panel necessary?

Hye guys,i would like to use the USB header at the ROG_EXT connection. So I thought to disconnect the OC Panel cable from the motherboard. The problem is, that when I disconnect the cable, my computer won't start anymore. When I switch the cable back...

Rampage V Extreme and i7-6900K voltage issue

Hello,I tried getting some advice on OCN but maybe best to go into ASUS official forum.I've had the Rampage V Extreme since 2014 and used for a long time with 5960X. Now I have the 6900K. Running latest BIOS but I have tried one older too. Also refla...

xarot by Level 11
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Rampage V 10 edition LED Problem

Hello guys, just installed my rampage v 10 and noticed no matter what i do the PCH led "rog logo" doesn't light up. I have tried every thing i updated to latest bios, tried with aura but still refuses to light all other led turn on and off no prob ...

santz76 by Level 8
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How do i disable the FN key on my keyboard

im trying to use hotkeys and for f12 it wont let me use it as a single key i have to press the fn key and f12 for it to function i want to make it as its own single keystroke any ideas?

Dkp1988 by Level 7
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Rampage v extreme Q code and cant install windows 10

Hi , just wondering does any one know whats AD meaning for the code? Because i tried to install windows 10 and when i put cd in and after it just stuck on the windows logo for around 10 mins did not proceed to install with code AD , so i have to ...

teichu72 by Level 7
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Possible solution for blackouts/restarts with 3XXX

I think I've finally concluded that the 3XXX series of bios doesn't like the default timings on my memory; and other people's memory who are also having the same issues. I switched to XMP profile and didn't have a restart for days and days. So, I d...

Griever by Level 7
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EATX_12V power connectors

Hi All,Sorry if this has been asked already, do you need to connect both 8 and 4 pin EATX_12V connectors?Thank you for the replies in advance.

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