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Asmedia USB Host Controller Was Not Found

Hello,Tried to install new Asmedia driver but tells me during installation "Asmedia USB Host Controller Was Not Found"Anyone knows why?USB works OK so no reason for update. But still..Thanks.

mik666 by Level 7
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WIndows 10 1607/Anniversary bug caused by AI Suite 3 mini bar

I hope that this saves some of my fellow ROGers some pain. I installed Windows 10 1607 (the Anniversary Edition) on my R5E system today. Weird stuff was happening: windows opening with just a thin border and no content (just the desktop image showing...

Necessary to update chipset driver and Intel MEI?

Hye everyone,I have a simple question. Is it necessary to update on a regular basis the Intel Chipset Driver and Intel MEI or is it ok to stick with those on the Asus download section?I am asking because chipset driver haven't been updated for almost...

Can't get 2 x GTX980TI in x16 mode

I've just completed setting up a new rig with the RVE10, 6950 & 2x GTX1080; everything running smoothly However, while setting up my 'old' R5E computer again to sell it, I can't get my 2 GTX980TI's into x16 mode. Ive got them placed in PCIE-16 slot 1...

dirray by Level 7
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Is 38 the latest microcode revision for Haswell-E?

When I check the microcodes on Linux my chip comes up with signature 0x000306f2, with 38 being the latest for it. For some reason signature 0x000306f4 also gets listed with revision d/13.Is 0x000306f4 the signature for Broadwell E?001: sig 0x000306f2...

Memory Problems - Suggestions?

Hi, Folks -I've been using this rig for about 2 months, and I'm starting to get memory-related BSOD's. I'm currently running BIOS 3202, and I'm not an overclocker. I'm looking for a good place to start.I had the XMP enabled, so I deleted that and w...

Shammer by Level 7
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Unusual problem

Greetings all!I have an unusual problem. This issue has occurred since I built my rig. Originally I thought that I had a bad overclock but it still occurs in the most basic of settings.Here is what happens:I like to have my machine go to sleep so i...

New Chipset for i7 Core 6xxx Broadwell-E X99

Can I use the new Intel_Chipset_Win7-81-10_V101219 of the Rampage V Edition 10 for the Rampage V Extrem with the new CPU ? It seems that with a new processor we need to update the chipset.But the R5E support provides the September 2015 Intel(R) Chips...

cekeu by Level 12
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Not Enough USB Controller Resources

Hey all,I have 2x USB 3.0 hubs and 1x USB 2.0 hub.- USB 3.0 hub #1 = no devices connected, used for on demand connection- USB 3.0 hub #2 = one device connected- USB 2.0 hub = 8 devices connected- Nothing else connected directly to PCWhat I don't unde...