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Help with brand new RVE10 please

Got a brand new RVE10 yesterday and everything worked fine.Today I tried setting my 3600 Mhz corsair ram to 3600 Mhz preset to see if it work at that clock.After the PC entered a continuous reboot. After tying to clear the CMOS, it stays stuck when t...

bhavvv by Level 7
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CPU input level - overclocking question

Using this guide - https://us.hardware.info/reviews/5775/4/haswell-e-overklocking-workshop-how-to-get-the-most-out-of-the-core-i7-5960x-5930k-and-4820k-step-1-processor-to-45-ghz-or-lessI am trying to understand cpu input voltage settings. If I am s...

CPU Temps Suddenly Very High - RVE 5 - 5960X

Hi folks. (Sorry in advance for this longwinded explanation and question.) I have a Rampage V Extreme (U3.1) using BIOS 3202. My CPU is the 5960X which I've had overclocked to 4.4Ghz (by using the factory overclock preset ... no custom tuning). P...

Move from RVE to RV E10??

This is a question for those of you here that originally had a RVE and then moved to the Edition 10. I was wondering about the experiences of those that made the swap. What do you feel the upgrade provided you? Were there any drawbacks? You can s...

mdzcpa by Level 12
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Fastest affordable RAM for RVE Edition 10

Since I have serious issues with the current memory I am using I want to ask advice on this community for new memory.I will be using the rig for Photoshop and according to what I have read, there is a huge speed increase when using higher memory spee...

Erorr by Level 7
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Bad CPU or motherboard?

Been using Asus Rampage V Extreme for 2 years almost with no issues, with a 5960X CPU, no overclock. Today while playing Doom the PC froze. After doing extensive troubleshooting it seems that putting a RAM stick into the rightmost red slot causes loc...

Asmedia USB Host Controller Was Not Found

Hello,Tried to install new Asmedia driver but tells me during installation "Asmedia USB Host Controller Was Not Found"Anyone knows why?USB works OK so no reason for update. But still..Thanks.

mik666 by Level 7
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WIndows 10 1607/Anniversary bug caused by AI Suite 3 mini bar

I hope that this saves some of my fellow ROGers some pain. I installed Windows 10 1607 (the Anniversary Edition) on my R5E system today. Weird stuff was happening: windows opening with just a thin border and no content (just the desktop image showing...

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