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Memory frequency under Windows

HelloI do not know with which option in bios (I think) I had managed that the frequency of the ram appear correctly under Windows (ram 3200)There is always 2400 (see screen) in Task Manager/PerformanceNothing important, but if I saw it once is that i...

tistou77 by Level 13
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Startup Problem

Hi guys,After resolving all the issues that this motherboard has given to me, updating bios and installing windows 10 anniversary update, now i am stucked with a new problem, kinda strange if you ask me.When i press the power button the pc starts, st...

Retired by Not applicable
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ROG Strix X99 - dead slot

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right sub forum to post this but i really need help.I just bought an ROG Strix x99 board, i7-6800k, skill v(4x8GB 3200) and built my unit with some old partslike the asus strix 960 and samsung 850 pro 256Gb. during the...

Sgt08 by Level 7
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*Urgent* Rampage V Extreme and Edition 10 PCB layout

Hey guys i need some info on the layout of these boards. They seem identical.Ive currently got an order from EKWB and its been put on hold due to the EK-FB ASUS R5E Monoblock reaching its "end of life" for some reason. However they have a limited num...

Can't turn the pc off

I have no idea why but when I try to power down my system it always automatically powers back on. I would love to be able to save on my electric bill and I am completely stumped, and I am unable to get the power management to work so the system will ...

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Tempered Glass Cases - Will it fit?

As the title suggests I am keen to know if anyone with the phanteks evolv enthoo glass (or non glass) is rocking a Asus rampage v extreme. Reading the specs the case is e-atx compatible but stating a limit in width of 264mm... The Asus rampage v extr...

adamr by Level 7
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Rampage V Edition 10 drivers - updates when?!

To anyone working for ASUS. When are we going to get new driver updates for this board?Especially the sound drivers for the front panel and the sound applications. These have NEVER worked for me - and a lot of other people here by the looks of it. Sh...

Rampage V Edition 10 Aura header displays only blue color on rgb LED strips

I just completed my build and for some strange reasons, the aura header on my mobo only displays blue color when an rgb led strip is connected to it. I have tested the led strips on my aquacomputer farbwerk usb and all the other channels are working....

NeeqOne by Level 7
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The Rampage V Extreme Thread

So, it's coming right? The Deluxe is such a smart board how will the RVE top that?You getting one?What are you putting in it? 8 cores or six? PCIe SSD or M2 if its on there? What RAM?Discuss...Don't discuss...when it'll be in the shops...why you can'...

D6 Error with 1080 in PCIE Slot 2, Rampage V Edition 10

Build:*Rampage V Edition 10Intel Core I7 6900kCorsair Dominator Platinum 64GB, 2800Samsung 950 Pro M.2, 512GB3x EVGA*GTX 1080 FTWCorsair AX1500iI have a dumb annoying problem. My new computer build works fine as long as I don't put a GTX 1080 in PCIE...

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