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Rampage V Extreme Bios save issue

Hi,Around a year or so ago a USB 3.0 HUB broke. The blue plastic part in a USB snapped without me knowing. A USB was inserted the wrong way around if I remember correctly.Ever since the BIOS will not save any settings to either of the BIOS chips.The ...

BenTed by Level 7
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RAM problems. Channel A not recognized.

Hello all,I am having RAM issues. I have 6850k with 32gb 3600mhz gskill trident z. Channel A is not posting. Even with default settings. Channels B,C,D all are functional. I've tried switching dimms. I've tried 2 dimms and I'm able to post both in B...

Radeson by Level 7
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RAM Wire Sensor Mounting

A week ago, a friend of mine came over to install new RAM. Everything was fine, except for today when I turned on my computer, I heard a tick, inside.I removed the side panel, and it turns out that the RAM wire sensor that he had just laid in betwee...

Strix x99 Gaming RAM compatibility

Hi Guys and Girls!What's the difference between X99 compatible RAM and other (x299, 300 series) RAM? How come the later is recognized incorrectly on x99 motherboards? (for instance, Corsair 3466MHz 16GB stick is recognized as a 4GB 2133MHz stick)I'd ...

RAM Upgrade advice to 64GB.

I want to upgrade my RAM, I've always had 16 GB but it's not enough. I was thinking about possibly doing 64 GB, which I understand is way overkill.This is what I currently have, 2800Mhz RAM: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MPIEDZ8I've run into ...

ROG B450-F no post help.

I recently was overclocking my Ryzen 5 3600x and my G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200 ram. It was perfectly fine at 4.1 mhz then tried bumping the cpu up to 4.2 and now I can’t post and the Orange and red light comes on my motherboard then it’ll restart and...

fps in games drops to like 15 to 20 until i ult tab

Hi i got the rampage v extreme and just recently when i play games i get like 20 to fps in games until I alt tab or restart my computer any ideas? and after i ult tab the frames drop back to 20 again. and when I'am doing this I also run speccy and t...

Dkp1988 by Level 7
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Rampage V Extreme Q-code 00 (bare board now)

Hello fellow ROG members.I have a Rampage V and last week I got a Q code (00) and have not been able to get out of it.I ended up completely taking the system appart. As I was getting desperate, I bought a new power supply and another used Rampage V ...

fotios by Level 7
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Rampage iv black edition

Bật mí những cách mua đồ cũ trên Amazon . xem tại : https://basso.vn/cach-mua-do-cu-tren-amazon.htmlNên mua nước hoa trên Amazon không? Xem tại : https://basso.vn/nen-mua-nuoc-hoa-tren-amazon-khong.htmlCó nên mua mỹ phẩm trên Amazon không? XÊm tại : ...

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