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[AUDIO] Extremely Quiet Microphone with Onboard Sound

Level 7

I have a Rampage V Extreme that works flawlessly from all aspects, apart from the (as usual) terrible Realtek onboard sound. The drivers are clunky as usual, but the audio coming out is reasonable.

The issue I am having is with the mic volume on my Hyper X headset: it is so quiet as to be almost inaudible. If I put mic boost up to 100%, all I do is increase static which makes myself even harder to hear. I have tried a "mic test" with multiple apps, including windows microphone settings, the realtek Supreme FX microphone settings, skype, teamspeak, and in various games: the issue is the same.

If I plug the mic into my dell laptop it works flawlessly right away. I have also tried the mic on a friends pc with a ZXR, and it works perfect there too.

Things I have tried:
1) Adjusting pretty much every setting in Supreme FX: Turning Volume Stabiliser, Noise Gate, Noise Reduction On, Off, and various settings in between, and in various combinations.
2) Turning mic boost on, off, and at various levels.
3) Setting sound streams to be independent from front and back ports.
4) Plugging mic into front port and back port.
5) Disconnecting front header
6) Uninstalling Realtek driver and letting windows install its own driver
7) Installing the latest Realtek (non Asus specific) driver.
😎 Reinstalling the latest Asus specific driver.

Now, this is NOT unique to this motherboard. From browsing the forums, this seems to be a very long standing Realtek issue that people are having across motherboards, and it has never been solved or fixed:

When I buy what is pretty much the most expensive performance mother board on the market, I DO NOT expect to have such issues.

I am sick of Realtek, and sick of manufacturers claiming HD this and 15 channels that. The thing is universally acknowledged to be terrible, but it should at least work.

Please, please get a fix for this!:mad:

Level 7
I also have the same issue and have seen several youtube videos of the issue but no fix.. Sad the amount of money we pay and they cant get the input microphone to work properly... It's almost like it boosted by default way to much as it picks up absolutely everything when it shouldn't.

Level 7
Seems with the issue I'll either have to change motherboard that doesn't use realtek or buy a standalone usb microphone.

I'm having the same problem. I can not believe this hasn't been fixed yet!

....and still no fix? :mad:

I have the same problem, microphone very quiet. The mic works perfectly on my other PC with the Asus Maximus VII Gene motherboard. I'm going to try a reinstall eventually and if the problem persists even after that I'll return the boar

Level 7
Quick cheap solution would be to buy a $2 USB sound card off eBay or Amazon. Checkout this SQ video HERE.