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(ASUS ROG Rampage V Edition 10 Mobo) No enhancements tab in audio settings (loud eq)

Level 7
A few hours ago I assembled my new PC and installed Windows 10. I installed mobo drivers first and then updated Windows.

My problem is that when i finished installing everything I went to my audio settings and couldn't find enhancements tab for playback devices. I need loudness equalization specifically, because I play CS GO competitively and it helps me to make gunshots quieter and footsteps louder. I tried reinstalling latest drivers from asus support as well as installing realtek drivers directly from realtek website. I have also attempted reinstalling windows. On every step I was looking back to see if enhancements tab is back on.

What I discovered is that I can only see enhancements tab in there if i delete all the audio drivers and stick to windows basic drivers. However it gave me BSOD a couple so I am unsure how to solve this issue...

P.S. I am running Windows 10 Home Premium and I don't have that issue on my Asus Rog Laptop (g751jy). Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

Chino wrote:
Can you post a screenshot of the tab that you're referring to?

Here you are. Sorry was on vacation didnt check forum65407

Level 15
Have you given the Sonic Studio II a look? Particularly the Perfect Voice tab. It seems to have a few options that might interest you. 🙂