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Asus Rampage V x99 problems with q codes

Level 7
Hello everyone, so i finally put together my parts and i actually have a couple of questions. When i turn on the pc i get the b2 (legacy option rom initialiazation) q code and i dont know why is that happening. After i wait the pc for about 5-6 minutes to finish with this q codes i get some other codes (B4, 79, 99 and some other). Everything is new and this started from the very first time i boot it. Almost every time i turn the pc on i get this b2 q code. While the pc is trying to boot up the vga led next to 24pin is red but not for long time and then the boot device led lights up for some short time (about half minute or maybe more i am not really sure). I dont know where the problem is. My ssds? my hdd? my motherboard? even my gpu or my ram sticks? Is something i did wrong or i have a faulty part? Does anyone have any idea?

Level 13