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Asus Rampage V extreme wifi and ethernet now working

Level 7
My computer gave a blue screen a couple of weeks ago. When I restarted it, the mouse and the keyboard were not working properly when booted into Windows. I looked it up in forums and changed the "xHCI" setting to disabled from the bios (according to advice from the forums) and the peripherals started working again. But now, my wifi adapter nor the ethernet are working(both were working prior to the blue screen issue). I get the code 10 error when I check the device manager. I have tried all of the online solutions such as update driver, delete device etc. None of them worked.I am having to use wifi tethering for internet connection which is painfully slow . Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Level 9
Something similar happened to me though my issue was the ethernet adapter became disabled every time I it ran in Windows 7, and MEI was non-existent. The only way to get the ethernet adapter to work was to Disable/Enable it manually. I also noticed I could not "restart the computer" from windows 7 but had to power off then start the computer otherwise it would just hang at error code 78 without booting. Booting also took much longer than normal when starting the computer.

I knew it was not a Windows issue since I restored a year old working Win 7 image and the same happened. I figured my bios's were corrupt (primary and backup) resolved this by buying BIOS Chip for my ASUS Rampage V Extreme on Ebay (BiosDepot). Once I confirmed the ethernet adapter worked, I removed the new bios after copying the new bios metadata to the old bios's. I flashed the old bios's with the latest 4101, read in my saved 4101 settings and currently everything is working fine.