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ASUS Rampage V Extreme BIOS 2 Boot Loop "00"

Level 7

My ASUS Rampage V Extreme won't boot from BIOS 2, stays in boot Loop "00", but boots normally from BIOS 1.

I removed BIOS 2 from the slot on the motherboard and installed it in BIOS 1 slot leaving the motherboard with only 1 BIOS. With only 1 BIOS installed the motherboard also boots.

With both BIOS 1 and BIOS 2 installed, and with the motherboard set to boot from BIOS 2 it won't boot and stays in loop "00".

When I changed the BIOS 2 slot I was able to flash it to version 1701, and now both BIOS have the same version 1701, but the motherboard only boots from the BIOS in the slot 1.

Any ideas? Should I RMA my board?


sazistas wrote:
Dont worry man, I had the same problem and I removed the bios chip and flash it with the EZP2010 bios programmer, bought it from ebay for about 10 euro. Its a common problem with this board , the bios gets corrupted and cant be restored with flashback or any other method. See here for full instructions

can I talk or reply to me someone from asus or someone anyway!!! . this method ain't easy for me and this ain't fair to buy another motherboard for a corrupted ****ing update that I didn't chose to install .. and if this still happens to other board?.. what bull**** is this! I paid 6k on my build and this is the thanks!!!!!!!!!!