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Asus Rampage V + EVGA 3090 (or Any 3090) CSM BOOT BEEP ERROR

Level 8
Anychance Asus is planning to do a bios update? The NVidia 3090 seems to have an error where when CSM is enabled ANY 3090 will cause the system to halt with 1 long beep followed by 3-4 short beeps and an A2 Error code on the motherboard.

From here the system will boot but it seems to be caused due to the motherboard reporting the GPU does not work with this type of bios.

I would like to keep CSM compatability mode enabled but we do not need these beeps for our GPU.

It seems motherboard manufacturers across the board are having this issue and it would be great for ASUS to address and fix this.

Anyone else with this issue? The motherboard guide reads A2 and "usually code A2 is a drive or gpu issue. Since you removed your drives and still get code A2 remove your gtx 970 and try connecting to the onboard graphics."

I had 0 issues with my 2080ti but its really odd as everything is seated into the Asus Rampage V.