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Asus OC Panel + Asus ROG Front Base

Level 7
Hello there,
I wanna buy Rampage V Extreme and ROG Front Base together.
Is there any way to use both of them on the board ?
Because there is only one rog-ext connector on the board.
And also I've found this photo on the Asus booth .
Very thanks in advance

Level 7
I've oc panel and front base, but atm i use only front base, this idea it's cool. The mobo have one only rog EXT connetor. How how do you connect both

Level 7
Can someone explain how Asus got this to work then ?

Level 7

So, how this guy make it work in this youtube video below ?

papyrus wrote:

So, how this guy make it work in this youtube video below ?

He must have combined the wiring, which you can (somewhat) see when stopping the videao at the right spot.
I'm really curious to know, as I would also like to combine the OC-panel and the Front Base (only have the latter one currently installed).

Level 14
Not sure about the exact pinout for this proprietary ROG part, but it seems evident that it's based around a modified USB 3.0 port.
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Level 7
I will explain how Front Panel and OS Panel work toghader with all functions.
I get a USB splitter i attach my Front panel on the USB 2.0 splitter and then i attach the other sidee of the splitter in the motherboard. (in my case i also have ROG Ruygin wutch usb i put in the splitter too). The USB cable for the sound i attach it to his port.
Then i attach my OS Panel in to ROG_Ext port and both work toghader with all functions working.

Btw my motherboard is Asus Rampage VI Extreme. I do have ROG_EXT.