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Anyone with LSI 9265-8i and RVE?

Level 7
Well, I just upgrade yesterday, after several hours, finally made my upgrade, with a new case, psu, board, cpu and memory. Anyway I have a LSI 9265-8i which I have 4 intel 730 480 GB in RAID 0 for system and programs. The problem is when it boots, sometimes it hangs on the card and doesn't start the firmware loading. It happens on Rampage IV Extreme, and also on Rampagave IV Black. I solved using CSM and playing with the options between legacy and uefi. Now it is happening again with this board, so I flash the last bios 3009 and configure again the CSM but this time it doesn't work. Sometimes it start the firmware, so it continue no problem, but sometimes it just hungs there. Maybe after 5 o 6 resets it takes again the card and boots. I try to make a fresh install of windows 10 and besides this I got a BSOD with machine excemption error. After restart finally finish install. Download some updates, install videocard drivers and during a restart this same bsod. I think maybe I didn't load the lastest drivers from the card and windows use their own, but besides that, I want to solve the firmware boot problem. If I can solve this I guess I will figure it out the windows problem. I have a 32 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000 C15, Corsair 900 D, Corsair AX1500i, 5930k, Rampage V Extreme rev 1,01. I don't use the fans on the memories because they won't fit wit my vga card on the first slot 😞 Also have a sli running gigabyte g1 980 ti and a creative zxr, and of course the lsi 9265-8i. I try loading default options, playing with csm and no luck. Any ideas?