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Anybody have a link to BIOS 2201?

Level 7
Hello guys, Looking for bios 2201. Wanna give it a try because I see that its the recommended Bios for Haswell-E. Thanks is advance!

Level 8
I've run modded versions from Fernando's site. He's got a forum where you can request people to mod a particular BIOS for you if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself. You might find someone has already made what you're looking for. There's also a tool called UBU that comes with commands which can be used to mod the Rampage V BIOS and includes newer versions of BIOS modules. For our particular BIOS manufacturer the tool can't automatically update all the pieces so there's a bit of a learning curve to do manually what it can't do for you (hence the request page).

The only downside, if you call it one, is that the modded BIOS won't have a correct checksum and can only be installed by using the flashback port on the motherboard (with the system powered down). As with all BIOS updates you have to be careful as you can damage your system if it goes wrong, but getting it right is pretty straightforward.

Level 14
I assume that pre-programmed BIOS chips can be socketed and started up without triggering incorrect checksum issues?

I've held off serious electrical and firmware mods on my R5E because it's my big fancy baby at home. But better and newer motherboards are on the horizon, lol, the time for mucking around is coming soon. I've done some EFI projects before, just never on x86/x64 PC platforms.
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Level 8
The checksum is only an issue in restricting the method you can use to flash it. Once it is flashed you can't tell the difference. But to answer your direct question, you can indeed purchase BIOS chips with a Rampage V BIOS already installed if something goes wrong with a flash and you brick the board. There's a thread or two on the site about where to buy one but I've never looked at it.