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After windows update only got error code 6F and now only have ram being seen

Level 7
I left my pc to run updates over night. When I woke up I turned it on and it had error code 6f. I held power down and unplugged psu from computer. I started it again and now only half my ram is showing up. Instead of 16 it shows 8.

Chino wrote:
Clear your CMOS.

Didnt work. Its still showing as 8 gigs.

Edit: Ive tried moving the ram around and its still 8. I ran CPU-z and it shows the full 16 but bios and win 10 show 8.

Chino wrote:
Loosen the screws for your heatsink a little.

That worked. Thanks!

Level 13
I think Chino is sending you downt he right path. The is not likely an OS issue. Sounds more like a seating issue.

Just in case can you list your specs, MOBO and ram at least.

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