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5820K With X99 GAMING Hell

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I’m hoping somebody can help me with a persistent issue I’m having with my setup:

i7 5820K
Asus STRIX X99 Gaming
Corsair Vengenance 3000MHz 16GB (4X4GB)
Corsair 750W

I was previously running an MSI GAMING 7 motherboard with the other parts remaining the same; Everything was set as auto besides the CPU ratio which was 45 and CPU Voltage Input at : 1.30V.

Iv’e attempted to do the same setup with my ASUS board but I’m continuously getting the Overclocking failed message before booting, I have started from small voltages and clocks and worked my way up with little success.

I resorted to using the AI Suite and the determined clock is 4.6GHz which runs for a short while but as soon as i run AIDA/PRIME95 I BSOD.

I am currently running the “Performance Mode” from within the BIOS which sets the clock ratio to 40 and voltage input to 1.2v, it also sets my 3000MHz RAM to 2666MHz.

This is stable but I’d like to revert to my previous 4.5GHz Overclocking and i cant seem to work out why.

I have attached some screenshots of the settings iv’e changed within the BIOS to try and get the system to post.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning I’m running the latest BIOS from ASUS website.

Thanks in advance.

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That;s situation I always want to avoid. People push first week CPU to the last MHz and before they are ready to upgrade degradation start.
I used my i7-5820K first year on 4.0GHz Adaptive Turbo Voltage 1.150V to avoid to CPU pump more, and 3.8GHz Cache, default voltage.
Maybe 4.0-4.1GHz are perfect setting for that CPU. Later I pushed CPU to 4.2GHz and 4.0GHz Cache, and icrease voltage to 1.200V.

Cinebench result jump from 1223 to 1290.
Is it worth of pump voltage I don't know.
And only now after longer time I will pull max from CPU because stronger models are on market and at least to stay closer to them.

I suggest you to keep first days on some normal lower clock without need to increase voltage and later to change little by little and in mean time use PC normaly to confirm stability on lower clocks.
How much voltage you used maximum for 4.5GHz during periof when everything is fined.

I don't do that only because I like that way, because during upgrade money from old hardware mean a lot to me and CPU need to be heatlhy as first day,

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