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Is anything being lost by doing this ?I have my eye on the CHV board and the video card I also have my eye on is a PCIe 3.0 card.
It's been some time since I've posted here but it seems some changes to the site broke some HTML formatting in my sig for image sizing and hwat have you. In any event, I need to get in to my profile to retweak my sig if I can and try to fix the broke...
I should be able to finally build my system soon with luck, no guarantees though. That said I'm trying to revisit my Newegg wishlit and am curious about what needs to be tweaked / overclocked and to what so the following three things mix well... the ...
With the CHV and this CPU in mind for use until the BD FX-8170 is released what from the below linked wishlist would be the best memory (all from the QVL) to use with the BD in mind since it will be whats used when released ?New Build Stuff (CHV Memo...
Does anyone know of any internal PC BluRay burners I can buy that allow firmware updates to accommodate new discs as they're released ?