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Hi guys,I'm tuning an OC. The system seems stable running P95 non-avx, Blender and AIDA64 with CPU/FPU/Cache/Ram/GPU. My doubts are on the 'duration power limit'.XMP IIAVX offset 0Cores by usage 50,50, 50, 50, 49, 49, 49, 49Max Cache 46Adaptive 1.3v ...
Hello guys and gals.Can someone give me a hand? I come from a Z97/4790K and I'm feeling a bit lost OC'in in Z490, Asus/OC gurus, what I need to change on the UEFI BIOS for a basic 5.0 all-core OC?AI OC TUNER: XMP, XMP: DDR4 3600 16-18-18-38 1.35VBCLK...
Hi all,I'm building a system with an i7 10700K and a Z490-PLUS TUF. My question is on the SATA/NVME/Sound Cards.Graphics card on PCIEX16_1SATA M2 on M.2_1 (disables SATA 2)NVME M2 on M.2_2 (disables SATA 5, 6)Soundblaster Z on PCIEX1_3Will all run we...
Hi,Anyone has an idea of what could be? System tested with default and overclocked. With RB 2.54 and 2.56 the system will run and pass all the tests (even in infinite) but will produce score 0 and time 0With RB 2.43, test will finish gives time and s...
Hello all,Can I get little help? Besides the differences that I can see on the Asus website, there's some that I should be aware? I plan to overclock a 8700K using multiplier and voltage.Thanks