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I have a z390i motherboard in a phanteks shift gpu and cpu settle around 78 degrees while gaming.i noticed in the ai suite app that my "motherboard" temp hits around 65c. it idles at 40c. when it hits above 60ish it turns red in color.i am as...
I have a 8700k with a Z390i motherboard. it has been delided and is under a 120mm AIO. corsair ram 3600mhz in XMP mode.the temps stay in the 70s when at full load.i am using the 5 way optimization in AI Suite 3, but it stops at 4.7Ghz. is that normal...
Hello,i have a couple phanteks halo fan attachements daisy chained along with the single LED in the Phanteks shift case.they are all connected to the single rgb header on my Z390i motherboard.i open the software and go to the calibration tool. when i...
Its more of a request.i hope one day Asus can partner with Corsair so that Aura can control the RGB cpu coolers like the h100i.edit: i think the title should have been, "sync corsair rgb coolers with Aura"
Hello,I have a deluxe board, i hope i am still allowed to join the community. The board comes with AC built into it, and i have a netgear 6300 v2 AC router. I have enabled the AC on the router and even played with disabling the other bands.How do i k...