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 After long await background working ,Finally Intel engineer already release update microcode that protecting against " Downfall " vulnerables.
AMD ZEN 5 MICROARCHITECT DIAGRAM FROM HOTCHIP2023 INTEL REDWOOD COVE MICROARCHITECT ( GOLDEN COVE REFRESH ON EMERALR RAPID with 5 MB per Core L3 Cache )Not a long time from here Computex 2024 Taipei will starting. This year there are battle around 2 ...
According to Qualcomm qoute " TOPS quantifies an NPU's processing capabilities by measuring the number of operations (additions, multiplies, etc.) in trillions executed within a second. This standardized measurement strongly indicates an NPU's perfor...
Intel Skylake X 7980XE without Hyperthreading Performance with last Windows 11 24H2 Candidate Release on June 2024 After Intel 2024 vision even last week ago. I able to catch some word from engineer which everyone may interesting for. " Why they've r...
There are performances optimization microcode for Skylake X CPUID 50654 released.The 02007108 microcode DATE 2023-07-23 fixing " Downfall Mitigation " AVX2/AVX512 performance penalty hit on 02007006 Microcode DATE 2023-03-06. It will provide better A...