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Hellow guyz! Im having some issues with my 2080s, i called asus and they said that my warranty its 1 year, wtf? Into the videocard box it CLEAR says 3 years , how to deal with it?
Hellow guys! Atm i have 2 computers with same setup, parts....One of then, my ROG STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-GAMING , get a temp of 68 ~ 72c (1800rpm fans) while playing Black desert online... With graphic settings on max! In my other computer, same ROG STRI...
Hi guys! Im confuse about a error ...Sometimes when i turn ON my computer ,win auto restarts on boot screen... I heard arround that error its nvidia related. but im not sure if its my videocard or just a driver issue.... the issue started some days a...
Hellow guys! Just fininshed build 2 computers for me and for my wife// Thanks for asus for some amazing parts =DAny recommendation for a good monitor IPS from asus? Vivid colors..bright... like a normal HD TV or better? (Dont need to be 4k) Huggs!
Hellow guys! I just went into msinfo32, and into the tab called **Conflicts/Sharing** , i see that my Strix 1070 uses same irq as my mobo z270F onboard audio device *irq16* , is this any issue? Just to make sure... i dont know if they are in confli...