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Can I update My Bios? I an running a 2 nvme drives as my mian c drive in raid 1.I haven't updated my bios since 0902.Can I upgrade my bios and my raid 1 still be intact? or is that impossible?and if I can is it worth it for me to upgrade my bios? im...
Im thinking about buying up a new kit and populating all dimms and getting 64gb ram since my workload can benefit from the headroom but I also dont want to be shooting my foot in performance if I have to drop back down to like 2400mhz just to have 64...
Hello Ive been working on this pass 24 hours and through the night. I have tried every possible thing I can think of so here let me explain how I got em set up and what I Have done.First I have the the nvme drive split up, 1 card in the m.2 dimm slot...
derrickmehaffy wrote:FYI if your planning on using your nvme raid array as your boot drive you have to use Windows 10 Version 1703, any newer versions will not work IE the creators update.Extremely annoying too as Microsoft has been trying to get me ...
This is ryzen master and coretemp both reflect the same,I am wondering I been reading through threads here and people are compainling about wrong temps etc, well made me wonder how do I know if my temps are accurate or not?