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Disappointingly my laptop screen has developed a problem it has a green tint to it and shows lots of screen burn effect which makes it really hard to use. I have plugged in an external screen and this works just fine so the issue seems to be the scre...
I have seen lots of posts about how people clone there hard drives when they get a new laptop etc and im not sure what i need to buy for this as i always thought you had to clone from one drive to another but i suspect i am wrong about this .....My q...
When I boot my system up I am getting a random error that the system does not find a Boot Device ..... So I restart hit F2 go into the Bios, my drives are listed so I just press F10 save and the system restarts fine.My current Bios is 0704 this is an...
Just over one week ago i purchased my second G751 and as soon as it arrived and i turned it on the GPU fan started making a loud droning sound when running so i contacted the supplier and they aranged a collection so they could test the laptop and co...
I have done a search and there are a few topics covering this but my qustion is i have the latest version with G-Sync etc and woundered if an upgrade to windows 10 would be ok or do i really need to do aclean install ?
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