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a question , sorry maybe is a newbie question nut i have no idea , is possible a bios update also can update the nvm firmware ?, beacuse i never ever update to 1.57 , and i had the 1.45 (i swer god me and my friend both in the PC we install the firmw...
i check my memory ram for 5 hours and few mins 32 gb 3600mhz i dont OC cpu but in memetos84 sometime sometime no right cpuCPU 16 foundsCPU started: 8 cpu active:8but why if my i9 109000k is 20 no 16 like memts86 say , i google memets86 i9 10900... 2070 super also i try this monitor on another computer 2060 super also say alerts a repeater is connected to your systemonly go aways when using hdmi (i try using 3 diferent display port cables), but why ? i want use di...
Hello i have very wierd problem , i have two monitor i tested and monitor no have problem both are asus also i have another computer i5 10th 2060 super i test both monitor and zero problem can run over 60 hz (fps) without lagmy current PC i9 10900kas...
Hello guys , few days ago asus release bios update version for maximus xii formula z490 bios version 2403i update today , after the bios update the PC turn off and turn on back atumatically and then restart and come back and then displaythisand i pre...