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Currently listed under Win 10 64 bit, Bios & Firmware.Renamed, added to USB stick, flashed, took 3 reboots to set bios to my preferences.Basic XMP, no extra OC, onboard BT, Wifi, Lan disabled, Hyper X16 on PCIEX16_3 set to Hyper Data for OS drives Wi...
Received my new Highpoint SSD7102 today. (Ordered the 7102 direct from Highpoint Store) Installed 2 Samsung 2TB 970 Evo drives, followed the instructions to update the bios and prepare a USB driver stick.Used the EFI USB utilities to create the 3.7T...
This only applies to Apex owners since no other MB has a CPU Dimm card.With Win10 1703 I had 8 NVME drives working on the MB, 2 in Dimm 1 (960 Pro and 970 Pro), 2 in Dimm 2 (970 Evos), 4 in the Hyper X16 card (960 Pros). Life was good.With the updat...
The bios copy routines are missing now in 1401.Only option is force booting the inactive bios.
Received an email from MickeySoft advising new preview revision for Win 10 Enterprise and dl'd it.Runs fine on an X58 board.Installed to a fresh ssd with the RVE and it can't find the Intel LAN or the BT Wifi.Tried to install latest Intel drivers whi...
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