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I noticed that saving my OC Profile, then exporting it as either CMO or TXT file does not work if I reset BIOS settings to default and then try to restore from those profiles. Does anyone know why?
I am unable to figure out how to use large USB flash drives (larger than 32GB) with ASUS BIOS Flashback. The software used to create FAT32 partition on 64GB never creates a drive compatible with ASUS BIOS Flashback...
USB Flash drives as large as 64GB cannot be formatted in FAT32. Can they still be somehow used for ASUS BIOS Flashback? If so, how?
After update 1801, my 5Ghz OC @ 1.36v with AVX Offset of 2 became unstable, but 1.37v worked fine. CPU-Z always reported 1.36v at 1.375v and now 1.375v is reported at 1.385v. Such overvoltage is normal for ASUS board, but is that too much of voltage ...
I played on my rig games for 9 hours straight and I have never had it lock up on me during gameplay. However, if I leave my PC idle whenever some game is running, it locks up... What could it be? I disabled the C states for CPU.I wonder if its the GP...