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Windows Boot Selection Menu Freezes in Asus 2021 TUF Gaming Laptop FX506HE

Level 7
I have installed Windows 10 and 11 on a single Nvme drive and two separate partitions with a boot Selection time of 30 seconds.
When I restart the laptop, at the boot selection menu, the boot selection menu timer stops and freezes at about 26 seconds, and when I try to select the boot option with the keyboard, it looks like the keyboard does not work (which actually timer does not stop and the keyboard works, but does not show me) And only when I move the mouse or touchpad will it show the option I chose with the keyboard for a moment, Then I have to move the mouse again to show the selected option with the keyboard again.
this only happens on restart, and when I turn off the laptop and then turn it on, everything on the boot selection menu is OK.
I also removed the USB mouse and keyboard, but it did not make any difference.
In Windows environment, I have no problems and both Windows 10 and 11 and the drivers are up to date.
This is annoying and I hope Asus provides a solution soon.
my specs: corei5 11400h with intel uhd graphics, RTX 3050ti and 16gb ram.

Level 7
is there any solutions to fix this issue?
and did the moderators forward this issue to asus team?
i am concerned maybe i have hardware issue?