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Windowed Mode not always optimised for gaming - fixes usually after reboot

Level 7


I have a TUF Gaming F15 model FX506HE running Windows 11 Pro (10.0.22621). Everything is updated including all drivers etc.

I have checked the option within Windows to optimize games in Windowed mode (attached screenshot)

Occasionally when I boot the laptop up the optimisation in Windowed mode does not work and I get slow frames per second. If I alt-tab to full screen then I do get expected frames per second. This happens very rarely two re-boots in a row but can happen about one time in 3-5 times when I boot the thing up. A reboot will usually resolve the issue and games will run fine in Windowed mode.

This is not limited to one game and say for example I run UNIGINE Heaven Benchmark then that will run much slower in windowed mode compared to full screen. I can almost tell once the laptop has booted that it just feels sluggish.

I do not know if this is a windows issue or is a problem with the laptop hardware initialisation.

Anyone seen this before? Know what I need to do to resolve it?