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want to know about Asus TUF

Level 7
I want to know about Asus TUF series anyone have experience about this series please guide me

What do you want to know? :cool:

Level 12
Own two, 4800h 1660ti what do you want to know ?

Level 11
Up until this year, they skimped on several quality of life features on the TUF models, things as simple as fan controls purely because it's not ROG.

Earlier models like the 4800H variants had the same chassis as the Intel models, yet ASUS decided to block 2 vents and made it run much hotter than the Intel model... wonder why they did that?

The 2021 models all have Max Q GPUs, I didn't find that out til too late. the 2022 models actually have proper GPUs and the top end models have really good screens.

There are several options for all variants over the years, so it all depends on what you want, and how much you're willing to spend. I would replace my top of the line 2021 A15 with the the new one, since it has all of the things I complained about here of this model not having. But alas I am not taking such a loss atm. The top end F15 is meant to be one of if not the best 3060 laptops out there atm.