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usb-c charging - does it harm with 90W power delivery - ASUS TUF Gaming F17 - FX707ZV4

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I have a laptop model ASUS TUF Gaming F17 - FX707ZV4 (2023).

It has 2 usb-c ports, one can be used for charing.
In the manual it is described that you should only use a power supply rated 20V/5A (=100W I guess).

I have a monitor (actually 2 - one connected with hdmi port) samsung ls27a800ujpxen.
I gues this is the American version (I'm in Europe).

I delivers power @90Watts.

The Question:
Does it hurt either the monitor or the laptop if it's begin charged @90W?

The context:
I can't seem to turn off charging from the screen
... when it's connected to a power charging port... it charges the devices.
Ik can plug my monitor in to the "non-charing usb-c port", but then I have trouble using screen-sharing in video calls
... see next point.

I use Google Meet a lot in the professional life, when my monitor is plugged in to the "non-charging usb-c port",
I can't select my monitor screen for screen-sharing
... "If" my monitor screen is set to the main screen in windows, if it's not... I "can" select this monitor.
This has probably something to do with to following point.

If I plug my monitor in to the "non-charging usb-c port",
NVIDEA Control Panel doesn't recognize the usb-c monitor.
If the monitor is conneced to the "charging usb-c port",
it "does" get recognized by NVIDEA Control Panel,
and as said previously, it's also recognized by Google Meet and can just work as normal.

So the thing is, if it's all no problem that the laptop is begin charged by the monitor, then then I''m fine.
But as the manual states to only use 100W power delivery, while the monitor only gives 90W
... then I'm worried it will damage the monitor or the laptop in the long run.

So then alway use the adapter power supply you say?
Well ok, it then still the usb-c charging is not damaging the products... I'm fine I guess.
But the manual also states that if u use your laptop continiously on main power supply,
you should decharge it to about 50% every 2 weeks.
So if I then just take of the power adapter
... and don't change the monitor output usb-c port (to the non-charging one)
... then the laptop is
- STILL begin charged
- Begin charged by 90W because the monitor "just charges" anything connected to a charging port.

So again my question:
Does it hurt either the monitor or the laptop if it's begin charged @90W?



Level 7

Ok lots of typos
Begin = Being

Here's also the webpage of the laptop.