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TUF Gaming Laptop CPU clock speed drops

Level 7

I have a TUF Gaming Laptop with Ryzen 7 5800H, and Nvidia 3060 GPU. The laptop had started overheating recently which made me consider thermal pasting the CPU and GPU. However, after the thermal throttling, the issue has become worse. The CPU clock speed randomly drops to 400Mhz while gaming ( which never used to happen before even though it used to get really warm). CPU temperatures are much better now and they cross 90, but the clock speed keeps dropping in between for 5-10 seconds before it goes back to normal.

I used HWINFO for monitoring in different conditions and it seems that PROCHOT EXT thermal trottling is triggering while gaming. Also stress tested the cpu alone and no error was triggered in this condition, even if the cpu was now hitting up to 92 degrees while in gaming it barely ever reached 80. Then I also did a GPU only stress test and PROCHOT EXT started triggering again and dropping the CPU to 400 Mhz, GPU was hitting 75 degrees maximum, while the CPU was hitting 89 without being stressed before it started to throttle down and throw the PROCHOT EXT error, then drop temps a bit and doing this over and over again. I've seen other threads where others where disabling PROCHOT EXT, but that may be too risky if something is actually overheating and it's not just a software issue or a bad temperature sensor.


Any fix, help, suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Level 7

try this curve fun controll for asus laptops (just in case):

That did not work unfortunately 😞