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TUF Gaming F15 - Adobe CC won’t initiate

Level 7

I'm hoping someone can help me with a failed Adobe Creative Cloud install on a TUF Gaming F15 (2022) (Win 11 Home). It will install but won't initiate.

I've used Adobe CC on a very old ROG552 (Win 10) for a few years now. I want to move to this TUF F15 but Adobe CC won’t initiate. Can install it but just hangs at opening. Have tried every fix I can find on Adobe and other forums. Apparently it’s not uncommon for it to fail on Windows 11, but not always, and ASUS even sells their ProArt laptop with Win 11 and 3 free months of Adobe CC so apparently it can work.

Hoping someone can take a look at my specs and tell me if anything jumps out at them as to why it won't initiate. Have uninstalled/reinstalled a dozen times and used the Adobe approved steps and cleaner program after each uninstall. 

More than anything I'd love to know if someone out there is successfully running Adobe CC on this particular ASUS model (or similar), so I know if it's worth the struggle. Not sure if my next step should be to do a clean install of Window 10, or sell the laptop and buy a different Windows laptop, or a MAC. (I really really don’t want a MAC.) Thoughts?

Model: FX507ZM
TUF Gaming F15(2022)
12th Gen Intel Core(TM) i7-12700H 2.30 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU
Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Win 11 Home (23H2)
All drivers updated
Armory Crate updated
Visual C++ updated