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Tuf gaming a17 upgrade ram to 64gb

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Hello Colleagues

I want to buy new laptop FX706IU (FA706) with low RAM volume and put new 2х32 GB RAM.
As I see, on Amazon is represented TUF with 64 GB RAM from official distributor of ASUS and a lot of other internet resources and youtube movies shows that 64 GB RAM is possible for TUF A17.
Please see this links below

But the official specification show that available only 32 GB RAM…
Guys, anyone knows where the truth is and someone tried to install 64 GB RAM?

Best regards, Evgeny

US Customer Loyalty Agent

Welcome to the forums and thanks for the interest in ASUS products.

if you check the official ASUS website specs or check with ASUS support, we normally only approve or guarantee what we sell/ship with the units, so basically ASUS may not ship this notebook with more than 32GB of RAM.

This doesn't mean the notebook will not work with more memory, but since ASUS has not gone through testing to approve more memory, it's not something ASUS can guarantee or announce since some customers may find problems to use more memory and request the tested memory brands and models which ASUS would not be able to provide, so ASUS can only announce or guarantee what they have tested and approved with the notebook if that makes any sense.

Also, if you see people selling the system with upgrades or more memory than ASUS has approved, this will usually mean the memory did not come from ASUS, was upgraded by the reseller, and would not be covered under the ASUS warranty.
It can be the policy of some regions that the warranty needs to go through those resellers rather than directly through ASUS, so something else that people may want to check as well before purchasing those systems.

Feel free to discuss and discuss with more people, but hoping this makes the situation more clear.

Level 7

Hello this subject is covered in this video as well as many more. 

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