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TUF Gaming A15 5800H top model.

Level 11
Why does it seem that you guys purposefully hold this model back?

I had mentioned before manual fan control was needed to keep temps lower, was it sorted in recent updates and BIOS revisions? No.

Your own shortcuts for keyboard lighting was ruined by your updates, have you made any attempts to fix it? No.

On the topic of fans and temps, you use a pathetic thermal solution and TIMs, so much so to stop my laptop roasting itself I have had to make a custom cooling tray and I am in the process of opening up the massively restrictive vents on the back and booking the laptop itself in for a repaste because the thermals just aren't satisfactory. This coming from the same company that made an epic laptop that had watercooling and a custom dock for maximising that for performance reasons.

I chose this laptop because it stood above several of your ROG machines and did everything I wanted it to. On the whole it is a good machine, but your execution of it is terrible. I can't even use 3rd party fan controllers because god knows how you have the fan loop set up but none can actually find the fans for manual adjustments.
You have the iGPU set up to HDMI, which ironically makes you use the 3070 to output to a TV or monitor whilst still forcing the use of the VEGA 8, meaning wasted power and unnecessary heat, so my only option would be some silly USB C to DP to HDMI to get it to only use the GPU for power savings. The RAM allocated for the iGPU is none adjustable and I am fairly certain it could be, 512mb is not enough to make the most of the VEGA 8 should I turn off the 3070.

You seriously need to make a better GAMING BIOS for this machine. You are happy to charge more for this model than one of your ROG machines yet hold so much of it's potential back. I went for the TUF because it's meant to be a hardier machine, I am disappointed in the efforts made on this. I have heard a lot of people bad mouth ASUS for stuff like this and I always defended the name as all my previous gear was always spot on. Whether it's TUF or ROG, you should put your all into making it the machine worth the price you're asking. I could have gotten a better machine for similar or less money and I find that really disheartening. Have you seen what Lenevo's Legion 5 Pro offers for the money? A seemingly well thought out, sorted machine that is better and cheaper than this one.
Even the ROG machines took a hit, I've already heard horror stories of the liquid metal blowing machines.

What happened to the company that was one of the best innovators around?
The one that gave you what you paid for?
That didn't skimp on cooling on anything that had ASUS and GAMING in the same sentence?

Honestly, I will be watching and I am sure a lot of others will be too, you need to sort yourselves out before you lose your share of the market here.

EDIT: Did some work on my dads laptop, Athlon chip, Zen 1 style with a VEGA 3 chip, utilised RAM for said chip? 2GB. Yet you think 512mb is acceptable for a VEGA 8 chip. Seriously... even with a dedicated GPU, if the software set up forces the use of the iGPU in the most stupid way, WHy not make it properly useable?

EDIT 2: So I opened up a few key vents that let air in the bottom, basically removed a few of the honeycomb "vents" and also opened up a few extras in key positions and glued in some screening to block any dust getting in. There are 3 main exhausts and a passive. 2 at the top with the heatsinks for the CPU/GPU with fans, and a random one with a heatsink on the left side. Also a really pathetic one between the to main ones. See, I have a high output cooling tray that I made for this laptop and most of the air it pushed couldn't get in the shell, and it was also held back by the fact only the random side vent and the vent between the fans can let air out when the fans aren't spinning. I opened up that middle vent ported it and screened it off to stop anything getting in. So now air can actually get in and it can also get out, since you guys don't want to help out and give us proper fan controls. The difference is unbelievable, from stock "silent" mode getting suffocated doing nothing and getting to 50c+ to sitting here as I type this the internal core temps are at 27c.

You throttled the living crap out of this machine. I dare say after a repaste this will handle gaming much better too, likely be able to handle more than the pitiful 95w GPU cap you slapped on it too. Asking £1500 for this is daylight robbery considering the distinct lack of effort and care taken to optimise this machine and utilise the power it actually has. I could have gotten a way better machine for this money and not had to intervene to make it truly functional.

Honestly you should be giving the poor folks who bought this for that price some bloody money back. I have noticed this particular model has been pulled from most if not all stores now... I wonder why that is.