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TUF FA706IU Keyboard Letters Peeling / Wear off from CPU-GPU Heat?

Level 7
I have a TUF FA706IU bought last July (5 month old). At this early stage i already noticed some of the letters on the keyboard are starting to peel off/ wear off. I am not sure why...the call center/ hotline agent said this should not happen since it is a New unit.

The service center tech guy also said the same thing. But he speculates that it is a bad paint job at the factory?

Some TUF users on a Facebook group suspects it is because of too much heat TUF laptops are producing. Some of the heat are being released in between the keyboard keys (w/c i also noticed when playing The Division 2)

A lot of TUF users i see in FB opted to use a separate gaming keyboard, so i did the same and bought one right away. I have also decided to order a laptop stand and a mini desk fan (for stronger wind) to lessen the heat on the surface of my laptop.

This is my 1st Asus laptop and i am in love. it just makes me sad that this is happening at a very very early stage. I just hope this laptop will last long like my past Dell Inspiron (5 years).

Also, according to the service center tech guy, my issue can't be covered by the 1 year Platinum or the 2 year warranty since letters wear off/ peel off does not affect the performance. Meaning it cant be considered as a "Damage"...

Plus, with the pandemic and all, i would not want all the hassle of going back and forth to the mall( service center) and take the risk of leaving my laptop with all the files in it at the service center for 2 to 6 weeks just to be repaired or serviced...

I hope Asus can give home service to all it's clients, whether cheap or expensive laptop. Or give the option to pay for minimal home service/transportation fee of the tech person...

Next time, im getting a desktop... LOL 🙂