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TUF F17 Laptop overheats in sleep mode, when connected to external monitor

Level 7


I recently bought TUF F17 (RTX 4060 version) here in Thailand. Right away, I noticed that in sleep mode it overheats, easily getting to 100 degrees Celsius within 10 minutes. Needless to say, the fans don't work during that overheating. This happens only when an external monitor is connected.

A technician from Asus Thailand came, looked at it and said there's nothing they can do about it.
He explained to me that during sleep mode all of the components are shut off, but when an external monitor is connected then the dedicated GPU keeps working for some reason and this is the reason it overheats. This can also be confirmed by the fact that the GPU is usually hotter when waking from sleep mode.


Does anybody have a solution for this?
Already tried the usual - updating drivers etc.
I've also adjusted the setting to avoid sleep mode ('put my device to sleep is set to 'never', also set lid closing etc. to go into hibernate mode)
There's definitely nothing wrong with the cooling system hardware as it works perfectly fine except for when in sleep mode. 


(I've seen similar issues in the forums here, but not with this model and not specifically when external monitor is connected, so this might be a separate issue)


Level 7

just in case, try this curve fun controll for asus laptops, also you can post issue case there and may be developers will help you with your particular case: