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TUF Dash F15 Thundebolt port is not connect to Nvidia Graphic card !

Level 7
In my FX517 the Thunderbolt port is wired to the Intel graphic card (not the Nvidia !!) It is possible to change or tu activate this conection ? Thanks. It is normal. I need use Surround with 3 external monitors connect to Nvida Card and it is not possible !! Thanks.

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Welcome to the forums!

Yes, the external display outputs are hardwired and cannot be switched to the other graphics chip, so it appears you can only connect two external monitors to the Nvidia graphics since the thunderbolt port is hardwired to the Intel graphics.

OK thanks, is there no way to use the Thunderbolt port with the Nvidia 3060 card? Is it possible that the Thunderbolt port is connected to both cards, i.e. integrated and dedicated (Intel and Nvidia)? Cheers.

US Customer Loyalty Agent
My information shows the thunderbolt port is only connected to the Intel CPU graphics, but if you may want to verify this on your end to be sure or confirm with ASUS support as well if it sounds any better. Thanks.