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TUF Dash F15 Mouse lag when laptop plugged in

Level 7
Hello, idk if this belongs in Armoury Crate section or in ASUS. Not sure what the problem is.

My cursor lags almost constantly when the laptop (TUF Dash F15) is plugged in. It used to lag all the time, but I updated the drivers/software/BIOS AND reformatted the PC twice. Now it only lags when it's plugged in. If I stop using the trackpad for a minute, lag goes away, then comes back 5 seconds later 😞

The issue is only present with the trackpad that is installed in the PC...if I plug in a mouse there's no problem at all with the mouse...the trackpad problem continues even with the mouse plugged in :V

I tried putting the PC into different modes with Armoury Crate (performance, Windows, etc.) but no luck.

Cursor doesn't stutter, just moves slow. Annoying because if I try to move it and then click too fast, it jumps to the bottom of the screen.

Anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Level 11
Have you tried switching mouse?
it doesn't necessarily depend on the pc, it could also be the defective mouse.

I'm not using a mouse, I'm just using the trackpad in the laptop.

I only use the mouse because the trackpad is so ****ty.

Sorry, realize I wrote mouse in original post, changing it...

Take a look at this Asus video.

Troubleshooting - How to fix abnormal Touchpad problems