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Tuf dash f15 2022

Level 7

Ive started to play star citizen lately and noticed that my cpu is about 80% and gou is around 60-80% while playing.. Doesnt matter what performance mode i tried it seems to be not using all the power it can.. Could is reaching high temps but gpu is staying relatively cool at 65-70c

Is it ok or there is a way to increase the use of gpu ?


Level 7

Hi Alfro, i am here to help you with your problem... Cpu can go upto 95 degree for ryzen cpu and 100 degree for intel cpu.. Playing graphic intensive can produce more heat and its normal for device to heat up during gaming

To avoid overheating, if you are using a desktop pc add more cooling components or if you are using laptop, place the laptop on a flat surface for best air flow for cooling.